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Fiddle and Mandolin Lessons 

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Mandolin and Fiddle lessons in Seattle and Issaquah plus Skype to anywhere. Instruction books, videos and recordings. Petimar Press and are the home pages of mandolin and fiddle player Pete Martin.  

Fiddle and Mandolin Lessons

Instruction Books

"These (books) are wonderful" - Mike Marshall




Seattle Mandolin Lessons  Seattle Fiddle Lessons   Seattle Mandolin Instruction   Seattle Fiddle Instruction

    Issaquah Mandolin Lessons     Issaquah Fiddle Lessons  Issaquah Mandolin Instruction  Issaquah Fiddle Instruction

Skype Fiddle Lessons  Skype Mandolin Lessons  Skype Mandolin Instruction  Skype Fiddle Instruction

Shoreline Mandolin Lessons  Shoreline Mandolin Instruction  Shoreline Fiddle Lessons  Shoreline Fiddle Instruction

Edmonds Mandolin Lessons  Edmonds Mandolin Instruction  Edmonds Fiddle Lessons  Edmonds Fiddle Instruction

Lynnwood Mandolin Lessons  Lynnwood Mandolin Instruction  Lynnwood Fiddle Lessons  Lynnwood Fiddle Instruction

Bothell Mandolin Lessons  Bothell Mandolin Instruction  Bothell Fiddle Lessons  Bothell Fiddle Instruction

Kirkland Mandolin Lessons  Kirkland Mandolin Instruction  Kirkland Fiddle Lessons  Kirkland Fiddle Instruction

Bellevue Mandolin Lessons  Bellevue Mandolin Instruction  Bellevue Fiddle Lessons  Bellevue Fiddle Instruction

Redmond Mandolin Lessons  Redmond Mandolin Instruction  Redmond Fiddle Lessons  Redmond Fiddle Instruction

Renton Mandolin Lessons  Renton Mandolin Instruction  Renton Fiddle Lessons  Renton Fiddle Instruction