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Fiddle and Mandolin Lessons 

The Neighborhood Boys   Swingmatism  Go Outside and Playboys 


"These are wonderful"  Mike Marshall


The books are PDF files and are free to download and use.  If you like the books I ask you to send or Paypal me $10.00 for each book.  Information for doing this is on the first page of each book.  Feel free to pass these on or tell others about this download site. 


For those that want hard copy book CLICK HERE


To preview or download books click on the title below

Easy Music Theory For Fiddle and Mandolin   CD available

Oldtime Tunes for Fiddle and Mandolin, Volume 1

Oldtime Tunes for Fiddle and Mandolin, Volume 2

Bluegrass Mandolin: Creating and Using Double Stops

Mandolin and Fiddle Improvisation Using the Chord Tone Scale

Texas Style Fiddle Transcriptions, Volume 1

Texas Style Fiddle Transcriptions, Volume 2

Benny Thomasson Fiddle Transcriptions

Texas Style Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin  CD available

Jazz Chording For Mandolin

Bebop Scales for Mandolin and Violin

Bebop Mandolin: Target Notes and Chromatic Approaches

Chord Melody and Drop 2 Chords for Mandolin


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