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Cedar Grove

Bluegrass instrumentals with the legendary Harley Bray (banjo, bass), Shera Bray (guitar) and Pete Martin (mandolin, fiddle, guitar).  12 toe tapping tunes from 3 of the Northwests top bluegrass players.  



Pete's Original Bluegrass and Fiddle Tunes

Fiddle tunes and Bluegrass instrumentals all written by Pete.  Featuring Harley Bray on banjo, Stephen Burwell and Daniel Carwile on fiddle, Joel Kasserman, Josh Philpott and Rich Levine on guitar and Pete on mandolin, fiddle, guitar, tenor guitar and bass. 



Easy Music Theory for Fiddle and Mandolin Example CD

 All book examples are played on this CD.  For people who don't read music or tablature hearing the examples makes learning them much easier.  Contact Pete to download MP3 files or for a CD 



Texas Style Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin CD

The tunes in the book were transcribed from the performances on this CD.  Features Pete on mandolin, 6 string guitar and tenor (4 string) guitar. Contact Pete to download MP3 files or for a CD





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