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Fiddle and Mandolin Lessons 

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Pete teaches mandolin and fiddle lessons in Seattle and Issaquah, WA and Skype lessons to students around the world.  Many playing styles are taught, beginner to professional level.  Lessons available for fiddle, mandolin, backup 6 string guitar and tenor guitar.  For more information, scroll down this page.


Contact Pete

 206-367-9756      skype name:petimar2


Pete Martin


For lesson examples, see videos HERE



Bluegrass and Oldtime music and improvisation on both fiddle and mandolin are the most requested music types I teach, but I also teach many other styles, including Jazz and Texas style fiddle tunes.  I don’t teach Celtic music, but there are a lot of those tunes in the oldtime and Bluegrass repertoire that I do teach. If you are looking for authentic Celtic fiddle or mandolin, I am not the right teacher for those.


The lessons are based on learning by ear (no written music) and improvisation.  I prefer teaching by ear, as the styles I teach are RARELY played using written music.  Most students, even people who have always read music to play, are surprised at how easy they can learn by ear.  Most are very pleased at how much joy and freedom they get from improvisation. I ask in person folks to bring a recording device to lessons so I can record what is to be learned.  For Skype lessons, I record and email the material.


I am a full time private lesson teacher, having taught for over 30 years.  Teaching locations are Hammond Ashley Violins in Issaquah and at my house in North Seattle.  Depending on where you want lessons determines if I have any current open times.  I also teach Skype lessons for those who are not able to attend in person.


Because playing music can be so fun, I really stress having FUN in the lessons and playing in general.  The music styles I teach are group oriented (though the lessons are private), so I teach the skills required for someone to play with others.


Sample lesson and performance videos can be viewed at:






I have two types of students: 


1) A person who wants weekly lessons, so they are in my schedule at a given time every week.  I recommend this type of lessons to a beginner who has never played an instrument previously. 

2) A person who wants non weekly lessons.  I have them email when they want a lesson and how long, then we find a time that works for both of us.  Experienced players and beginners who have played other instruments often do well this way.






I prefer to talk about in person lessons by phone as you can ask questions and I can tell you how I like to teach.  Please call me at 206-367-9756 so we can talk.  If you get my answering machine, leave me a good time to call you.





I prefer to talk on Skype prior to setting anything up as you can ask questions and I can tell you how I like to teach.  If you are interested, let’s find a time to meet.  I live in Seattle, (Pacific time zone) and my Skype name is “petimar2”.



More about lessons

I like teaching folks of all levels.  If someone enjoys playing, I enjoy teaching them.  I am very experienced in teaching beginners.  My background in ergonomics means I teach efficient mechanics plus I can also help many folks with pain and overuse injury issues.

Contact me with any questions, for information on lesson cost, available times, etc.

206-367-9756      skype name:petimar2



Mandolin specialties taught

 Bluegrass - specifically the tune and improvising styles of Bill Monroe and Sam Bush. 

Texas style fiddle tunes arranged for mandolin. 

Jazz tunes and improvisation, especially the bebop era of the 1940s and 1950s. 

General improvisation. 

Ergonomics studies for more efficiency in mechanics and overuse pain care.



Fiddle specialties taught


Bluegrass - specifically the tune and improvising styles of Chubby Wise and Kenny Baker.

Old Time - common fiddle tunes

Texas style fiddle tunes  especially the style of Benny Thomasson. 

Jazz tunes and improvisation, especially the bebop era of the 1940s and 1950s. 

General improvisation. 

Ergonomics studies for more efficiency in mechanics, also overuse pain care.




Guitar and Tenor guitar

 Accompaniment styles of the above mentioned fiddle and mandolin styles. 





Contact Pete

 206-367-9756      skype name:petimar2



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